Everything You Need to Get Started with Play to Earn and NFT Games

Everything You Need to Get Started with Play to Earn and NFT Games 

There's no hiding the fact that gaming has evolved from a harmless pastime to a booming industry worth billions. The surge of new gamers eager for social connection has pushed the global market above $300 billion, as reported by Accenture.

Because of blockchain's popularity, business models have shifted. Players can now use their personal computers or mobile devices to earn cryptocurrency or non-fungible tokens (NFTs) instead of only supporting the game's creators and distributors. Understanding the mechanics of these games and how you may make a real investment of your time is important before diving in.

Finding your preferred gaming genre is essential. It's reasonable to think that you're having a good time while engaging in play-to-earn activities because they're just a natural outgrowth of traditional games. If you are becoming bored or feel like gaming becomes labor, this might not be the right game for you.

When selecting your first blockchain game, keep the following considerations in mind:

  • Do you take pleasure in and appreciate this style of gaming?

  • Does joining cost anything?

  • Is the initial cost (if any) affordable?

  • Can I get a free demo of the game to see whether I like it?

  • Do you comprehend how the game works?

  • Do you know how the developers get revenue?

  • Do you comprehend the game tokens' economics?

You might wish to begin with a free-to-play game at first. If you do this, you can test out the game's gameplay without having to shell out any cash. On our site, you may learn about P2E games, their general rating, how profitable they are, how much they cost, and what kinds of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) they use.

Here is what you need to get started with the Best Play-to-Earn and NFT Games

Wallet and Security: 

A wallet is a digital storage medium that stores and secures cryptocurrency funds. A wallet is required to store cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Axie Infinity tokens, safely. Since the wallet doubles as a validator, this also holds true for every transaction.

To buy NFTs on any market, you will need sufficient cryptocurrencies, gas fees, and access to the blockchain. Most NFTs are kept on the Ethereum blockchain, therefore you'll need an Ethereum-compatible wallet to make the exchange.

It is important to keep in mind that the NFTs are part of the chain because they are stored in your wallet after purchase.

To begin your Web3 adventure, Metamask or another wallet will give you a 24-word keyphrase to remember. These words are your gate key to accessing your wallet and if you lose access to them you lose complete access to your wallet. You must store these phrases away from prying eyes in an offline journal for safekeeping.

No reputable organization will ever ask for your 24-keyword phrases. Stay alert and avoid being conned.


Playing games require some sort of media and although consoles had previously won the hearts of gamers, the advent of smartphone gaming introduced ease and greater levels of accessibility. Gamers can play on the go without having to plug in to monitors 24/7. Play-to-earn games have taken this incentive and a good number of them are available on the android, iOS/MAC operating systems.

For online gamers, these p2e games are also available on the web for real-time gaming feedback and connectivity to support multiplayer features.  


You can trade NFT assets in many currencies, including all-purpose crypto assets like ETH, BTC, or USDT, and get offers from a variety of games here. GameFi, OpenSea, and Rarible are a few examples of well-known NFT P2E gaming marketplaces with a global audience.

How do NFT Play-to-Earn Games Work?

Having a stockpile of NFTs in a cryptocurrency wallet is only part of the fun of playing NFT games. The rules, mechanics, and player interactions of an NFT game are all based on the use of NFTs. Characters, avatars, and in-game assets like weapons, armor, and other digital goods can all be transformed into NFTs within a game. 

The primary objective of play-to-earn games is to amass NFTs and certain tokens. A player can transfer their GameFi collectibles to their NFT wallet when they have been earned. There are also two ways to exchange your NFTs for tokens, depending on a game's features: Payouts for bitcoin gains.

A player's goal in a play-to-earn game is simple: amass the bitcoins or NFTs that are minted in the course of gameplay. The second way players make money is by trading the virtual currency they have been awarded or by selling in-game items within the game.

Do You Need to Pay to Play NFT games?

There are some NFT games available for free, while many NFT games need payment before you can play. In these games, you can still get NFTs that can be valuable in the real world. One of the most played free NFT games is Splinterlands.

You can play some NFT games, though, without having to pay anything upfront. These are referred to as NFT games that are free to play. They permit you to exchange characters or in-game currency, much like the premium games do.

When playing an NFT game, players can earn in-game NFTs and brand tokens for the game (like AXS by Axie Infinity) that are supported by a specific blockchain (often, ETH). Therefore, the value of gaming NFTs and tokens depends on the exchange rate. In terms, the exchange rate is defined by the demand for a cryptocurrency 

Can You Earn From Play-to-Earn?

Users can harvest or gather cryptocurrency and NFTs in play-to-earn games so they can later sell them on the market. Each participant can get more goods or tokens to sell and earn tokens by participating in the game regularly.

The average user is not typically financially rewarded by gaming. It can be difficult to comprehend how a blockchain game can bring in funds from regular gamers. Especially in underdeveloped nations, many people are making a livable salary from crypto games like Axie Infinity.

Earn Via Yield Farming

Farming offers a more consistent source of revenue where your pay is based on your abilities and playing time. The Philippines, where Axie Infinity has even replaced jobless payments, has shown success with this farming technique. 

Farming SLP earnings for players range from $200 to $1,000 (USD) each month, based on the market price and amount of play. While trading NFT creatures and things is an option, farming benefits are often smaller and considerably safer for anyone who requires a steady income.

You may even utilize your NFTs (Axies) to breed new ones in games like Axie Infinity. A newly bred Axie's value, however, cannot be predicted with any degree of accuracy. The most expensive Axie (Angel) sold as of October 2021 sold for $131,970 on November 7, 2020, and is currently advertised at 3,000 ETH. Despite the allure of these figures, the randomness of NFTs from play-to-earn games makes it difficult to estimate the typical income for a seller of them.

Acquire and Resell NFTs

NFTs are a type of in-game currency that players may use to purchase or obtain additional game resources. Collectibles in their own right, these NFTs can also be traded for cash.

Buying and Reselling NFTs

This is the priciest and most risky way to generate money with NFTs. A player can put their money into an NFT that seems good with the intention of flipping it for a profit. The stakes are high and the risks are alongside them, but so are the potential rewards.

Obtain and Resell Digital Currency

This is a very basic method of profiting from play-to-earn games. To earn cryptocurrency, all you have to do is take part in the game's in-game operations. In turn, the gamer can trade the digital coins earned for real-world currency.

Earn Via Streaming

You may have heard that some popular gamers who broadcast their gameplay live on Twitch make a good living. However, you should know that this choice is not exclusive to professional players. 

Streaming video games has evolved into a career path for many people nowadays and you can earn money by streaming blockchain-based games as well. On this front, Play2Earn City is open to collaborators; live twitch streamers that will bring their value and worth in a synergistic relationship with Play2Earn City. 

Why Should You Use a Play-to-Earn Gaming Guild

For a while now, gaming guilds have applied to play-to-earn games. Players who are interested in trying out play-to-earn games but are put off by the high barrier to entry can profit from joining a crypto gaming guild.

Play-to-earn crypto gaming guilds are organizations made up of investors, gamers, and managers who act as facilitating middlemen by acquiring in-game items in the form of NFTs, then loaning them out to thousands of players so that they can participate in the games and earn yields. 

The guilds will then divide the profits after deducting the rent they collect. A gaming guild's profits are typically invested back into the group to help it grow.

The purpose of these gaming guilds is to encourage and facilitate community participation in online gaming without the need for monetary investment. This addresses the issue raised previously, and this type of business model gives gamers the choice to join gaming guilds to gain a competitive advantage. 

For all participants, this drastically reduces the time and effort required to begin participating in P2E games. Since NFT assets are now easier to obtain, it gives more people a chance to take part in the metaverse economy. Both the players who are renting the NFTs and the gaming guilds benefit from this arrangement.

Play2Earn City is taking up the initiative proposed by gaming guilds by giving 100 slots to sponsor gamers that would want to take part in gaming but have difficulty scaling the financial hurdle to get started. So, keep your eyes peeled and stay alert for more on this coming soon!

With an extensive play-to-earn gaming library, Play2Earn City is well equipped to get beginners to play-to-earn video games up and running as well as provide all the tools and strategies to help gamers earn better from the p2e gaming division.

Final Thoughts

Earning cryptocurrency through play-to-earn games is a relatively new phenomenon. Most fresh efforts and ideas need you to be first in line to get the benefits. Nonetheless, play-to-earn has made it possible for gamers to acquire crypto and in some countries, make a living!